There are a lot of Double Glazing companies out there that now offer a repair service.

The only problem is many of them of them are just trying to get an appointment so they can turn round and say “Sir/Madam, I’m afraid after inspection I have found the parts aren’t available so you do require a new door (or window). It’s not all bad news though, as our company have some spectacular deals this month on all new installations”…………

Do you understand what I mean?

Revitalize was formed to bring new life back into you double glazing. We will NEVER try and sell you new doors and windows. That’s a promise.

Draughty Windows & Doors

Hear a whistle? Feel a draught? Could be one of a few things. This can be sorted quite easily at little cost, keeping you warm and heating bills down.

Replacement Glass Units

Misted up/Blown units. Broken cracked or stone chipped glass. Tired of looking at that stained design or the leaded pattern, fancy clear glass or visa versa? We can replace with whatever you want. Generally the units are ordered and installed in 1 week from a site visit.

Broken Locks

We are also Locksmiths by trade – so no more!

Door Hinges

Snapped, cracked or popped?!!!  There is always something on the market that we can source to replace your worn out hinges.

Door Panels

People sometimes want to replace a glass unit for a panel.  This could be for a number of reasons – damage from a break in, dog or cat flat required, looking tired or discoloured and so on.

Security Upgrades

Had a letter from the insurance company saying you need certain locks for your contents policy?  We will visit your property at no charge and advise as necessary.  If you require a quote or confirmation letter that that your up to standard – no problem.  We will email it to you the next working day or send you a hard copy in the post.

Door Restrictors

Only want to open your door(s) to open a certain distance without it catching wind and causing unnecessary damage?  Restrictors are the ideal solution and are popular for the rear of the property on those hot summer days.

Free Site Surveys

Yes thats right, FREE! If you have any concerns about your double glazing, then get in touch and book a qualified engineer to receive a free on site survey.

Key Alike Doors

The average house has 5 doors and this can be a nightmare having 5 different keys times the number of occupants.  We can change the locks so you have 1 key that works all.  We can even get your garage, shed, annex and any outbuildings on the system if they have cylinder operated locks.

Multipoint Locking Systems

This is the strap that runs from top to bottom on your door where all the looking points move and engage into the frame to keep you secure.  Very confusing for anyone to identify and replace no matter how clever.  A lot of the early gear is obsolete but we can always source something suitable and upgrade it at the same time.


These are the window versions of the multi-point door locking system. They often become tired and fail with age. Even if they are no longer made we can fit an alternative make and return it back to a fully functional locking window.

Cat/Dog Flaps

Thinking about one of these for your fury family member?  Did you know that these can be installed into a double glazed unit, not just a panel.

Complete Revamp of Property

This is the main goal of the company.  EXAMPLE: The estate agent has come in and said “I’ll have problems selling this property because the doors and window are in a shocking state.”  You get quotes starting from £14,000 to replace it all.  We come in and revamp the whole lot for a little over £3000.  Then the offers start coming in.


Fancy swapping from a standard white to something with more style.  Perhaps they just look tired or are simply broken.  Changing your door or window handle can make a big difference to the overall appearance giving a more modern feel.


These things can take quite a battering over the years.  The springs can pop out for the return close, the flaps/plates fall off and the general wear marks will appear.  Maybe you don’t have one and need one installed.

Patio Door Issues

Wether you have a sliding door with broken rollers or french opening doors that won’t close or lock.  Whatever the problem, rest assured we can fix the issue.

Master Key Systems

This is a great way for you to keep control over access for certain people gaining entry to certain doors.  Then you, the owner, has a key that can open every door.  These systems are great for landlords with multiple properties, Hotels, schools and nursing homes to name a few.

Full Cleaning Service

Marigolds on!  When doing a full revamp we always sugest to the customer that they take us up on this service.  This is a great opportunity when all the windows are removed to deep clean all the inside of the frames and surrounding areas.  This task simply can’t be achieved at any other time and compliments the Revitalize revamp.

Panic Handware

Fire regulations require certain hardware to be employed.  For outward opening doors panic/push bar systems can be installed with an Outside Access Device (OAD) connected so you can override the internal system and gain access from the outside.

Additional Security

For peace of mind we can apply additional security to boost the risk of forced entry.  There are various locks on the market that can work along side your current system.  Again something like this should be accessed and discussed at the the property in question.

Door Accessories

Lots of accessories available, mostly for the doors rather than your windows.  Things like Door Viewers, Door Chains, Restrictors, Numerals & Letters, Door Closers, Finger Bolts, Door Bells,  Letterplates, Lettergaurds, Restrictors, digital locks and many more.

Additional Security

For peace of mind we can apply additional security to boost the risk of forced entry.  There are various locks on the market that can work along side your current system.  Again something like this should be accessed and discussed at the the property in question.

Toe & Heal Adjustment

This is an important process that should be used when placing the glass into the door or window on installation.  Plastic packers are used to brace the unit or panel in the correct position so weight is distributed evenly.  This ensures the windowdoesn’t drop and cause rubbing against the frame.  After time, if you experience this issue, then we can come and make the necessary Toe and Heel adjustments to fix the problem.

Insurance Quotes/Work

If you’ve been unfortionate and experienced storm damage, had a burglary or for what ever reason need quotes for repairs then we would be more than happy to help.  We can come out the same day and have it emailed or send a hard copy in the post within 24 hours for you to forward to your insurance company.

Tilt & Slide Systems

These doors are great when working but a pain in the backside when just slightly out of alignment.  You could phone 10 firms making enquires trying to find someone to come out but with no joy as most engineers shy away as they are quite difficult to work on.  James at Revitalize has become a bit of expert locally and would be more than happy to assist to restore the working functionality back into those doors.

Jammed Windows & Doors

99% of the time a jammed window or door is due to the locking system breaking.  We have techniques that are used to open the sash with no damage created.  We simply identify the parts, replace, then either adjust the hinges or Toe and Heel to make sure it closes and locks with ease.

Friction Stays

These are otherwise known as the hinges for your windows.  These can often cause problems in more than one way.  The most common is when you close and lock the window and there is a gap down one side letting in a draught.  You should arrange for this to be fixed straight away to prevent heat loss and any further damage.  There are 4 types that are currently available.  Standard – as it says on the tin, these are the most common stays found in homes around the UK.  Egress Easy Clean – these allow you to clean the outside of the window from the inside, sorry Mr Window Cleaner.  Restricted Easy Clean – Again this type lets you clean like the previous. The only difference is when you open a resrictor kicks in and only opens between 6 & 14 degrees (depending on make and size) for ventallation and child safety. The restrictor can be manually disengaged for easy clean.

And much, much more